Our Business Protection Solutions 

Most businesses buy insurance to cover the things they consider vital to business continuity such as a building, their stock and their equipment. 
But for many businesses, their most vital asset is their people. 
The financial success of your business relies, more than anything on the unique skills, drive and knowledge that business owners, directors and key people can bring. Losing them could lead to a prolonged period of reduced income. And unlike a photocopier, replacing a key member of the business may not be easy. 
What is Business Protection? 
Business protection insurance is a way of helping business owners protect against possible financial losses when serious illness or death affects them or their employees. It can help ensure that the business survives and continues trading under seriously challenging circumstances. 
Why insure a business against the loss of its owners or key people? 
The sudden loss of a director or key employee can place a business at risk financially. It could lead to a drop in sales or delay planned developments while a loss of specialist skills can bring a prolonged period of reduced profits. Key person protection might help a business to weather the storm. 
Many lenders make specific conditions for immediate repayment of business loans on the death of a key person or business co-owner. Business loan protection could help a client ensure they can meet their liabilities if the loss of a key person or guarantor means they’re struggling financially.  
If your client loses a business partner, they might have to dispose of assets to pay their beneficiaries for the partner’s share of the business and keep ownership under control. Partnership protection provides your client with the funds to secure business ownership and its ongoing direction. 
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