COVID-19 Situation 
For the duration of the current emergency situation, we are avoiding face to face meetings with customers, to help contain the spread of the virus. 
Apart from that, it is very much business as usual for us and our advisers can be contacted by email or telephone and will deliver their usual high standard of service. 


AFP 4 Business has long been related to the financial well-being of the SME business sector. Our business protection, employee insurance, and business finance products will give you peace-of-mind while helping you grow your company. Arranging competitive commercial mortgages and asset finance are further strings to my corporate bow. 
Whilst our office is in Maidenhead, Berkshire, our clients are located mainly throughout London and the South East. 
Business Protection 
Discover more about our Business Protection products 
Business Protection Insurance is a way of helping you protect against possible financial losses when serious illness or death affects a Director, Partner, or Key Employee. 
It can help ensure that your business survives and continues trading under seriously challenging circumstances and covers share purchases, a loss of sales, or an inability to repay business loans. 
Relevant Life Plans 
Learn more about our Relevant Life Plans for Directors and Key Employees 
Did you know that employee life cover when provided by the employer can be treated as a direct cost to the business, and hence can be set directly against profits? 
This is a great way to provide a benefit to your employees, provide protection for your business, and is highly cost-effective and tax-efficient. 
Mortgage Benefit Scheme 
Learn more about the The Employee Mortgage Benefit Scheme (TEMBS) with trademark symbol 
Buying a home is one of the most important and stressful tasks for any individual, and mortgage education deserves a place in the employee benefits mix. 
The Employee Mortgage Benefit Scheme is a means of providing employees with professional customised mortgage advice, on a free and voluntary basis. 
Residential Mortgages 
Find out more about our Residential Mortgage Products 
Independent mortgage advice from an established, professional adviser is essential if you wish to be relieved of laborious, time-consuming effort and if you want to prevent your stress levels soaring to the stratosphere during the long mortgage process. 
In respect of independent advice, please remember too that Estate Agents are paid by the sellers of properties; many question whether they can also act for the buyers, by also arranging ‘in-house’ mortgages for them? 
Commercial Mortgages 
Find out more about our Commercial Mortgage Products 
Are you considering purchasing your business premises? 
Our commercial mortgage products are available for all types of businesses, and can even be setup through pension schemes and trusts. 
Asset Finance 
Learn about preserving your working capital with Asset Finance 
Asset Finance is a highly cost-efffective way to acquire plant and machinery, IT solutions, company vehicles, and most other types of capital asset. 
It enables you to preserve your cash for use as working capital, whilst allowing you to pay for the asset as you benefit from it. It is also extremely tax-effective, typically allowing 100% write-off of payments against profits. 
Contact us today for impartial & independent advice 
Contact us today for impartial & independent advice 
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